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Video: Ten Shots

This is a longer video, about twenty minutes, so it’s embedded via Youtube. It shows ten different shots for striking your opponent in their sword arm. These shots are shown lefty on righty, but most of them work in any hand configuration. The filming is done with a digital camera, so, as always, the appearance of sword bending in some of the shots is an artifact of the camera’s CCD scanning during high-speed motion and is not due to actual bending of the swords.

I encourage you to watch this video in the 1080 HD it was originally recorded in. If you have questions or comments, come visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeftyCombat/

Video: The High Cross Feint

A short video on drawing a known counter by feinting the high cross. The core concept is fairly straightforward. People like to throw the high cross. A lot. Eventually people, even silly righties, learn to capitalize on this and kill the foolish high crossing people. Once people have learned to counter the high cross, which is dead simple, you can bait them into throwing the counter, which you can then block and riposte. When you know what shot someone is going to throw, blocking it should be simple. This video breaks down how it is done. Enjoy.

High Res, for those who really want a high-res copy: High Cross Feint